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Initially developed for mink trapping in America, the tube trap has made its way to the United Kingdom and has become a practical option for squirrel trapping.

The WCS tube trap is a powerful, high-quality trap incorporating a tunnel design, making it easy for operatives to comply with the UK's requirement regarding tunnel protection. The DEFRA has approved the tube trap, and it can now be used as an approved spring trap in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

  • The tube trap provides a discreet tunnel that is hidden from public view. 
  • Inquisitive rodents use the trap as a 'run-through' which you can set either baited or unbaited.
  • Due to its tube design and its perfect fit into roof voids, it's become a popular option for squirrels.
  • WARNING: This is an extremely powerful trap; please ensure you understand how to set the trap correctly.

The squirrel tube trap is constructed from a 380mm long, 21 gauge steel tube of 114mm diameter.

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