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Black Cat Rat TrapBlack Cat Rat Trap
Remove Pests Black Cat Rat Trap
Sale priceFrom £10.99
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Remove Pests Bodygrip 110
Sale price£14.99
Nara Rodent LuresNara Rodent Lures
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Fenn Trap Box
Remove Pests Fenn Trap Box
Sale price£27.99
T-Rex Rat TrapT-Rex Rat Trap
Remove Pests T-Rex Rat Trap
Sale priceFrom £6.99
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Rotech Re-Scent
Rotech Rotech Re-Scent
Sale price£14.75
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Fenn Trap (MK 4)
Remove Pests Fenn Trap (MK 4)
Sale price£11.99
Humane Cage Rat TrapHumane Cage Rat Trap
Blackcat Trap CageBlackcat Trap Cage
Remove Pests Blackcat Trap Cage
Sale price£27.99
Big Snap-E Rat Trap
Remove Pests Big Snap-E Rat Trap
Sale priceFrom £5.99
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Bacon Rat and Mouse Lure -30ML
Nara Spray
Remove Pests Nara Spray
Sale price£55.99
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Electronic Rat Trap
Sakarat Glue Board Solvent
Monarch Type Multicatch Rat Trap
Rat Cage Trap
Remove Pests Rat Cage Trap
Sale price£34.99
KC74 Multi-Catch Rat Trap
Provoke Rat Attractant
Rat & Mouse Attractant
Rotech Rat & Mouse Attractant
Sale price£7.50
KC73 Rat Trap
Killgerm KC73 Rat Trap
Sale price£32.99

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