Please not that as from the 31st of July 2024 a glue board ban comes into effect and can only be used once a license has been obtained for every individual job.   Licenses do carry fees for every job undertaken and a timescale would need to be included into your job timeframe to allow for the application and processing of each application of license. 2 licenses are available, a class license and an individual license as follows

The Class Licence will permit use of glue traps in the following situations only:

  • inside aircraft
  • in hospital surgery operating rooms (and related areas needed for maintaining equipment)
  • in critical infrastructure sites[i] at imminent risk of fire or equipment failure

Individual licences – you apply for a single-use licence at the time of need, to deal with a particular problem, at a particular site. The Licensing Authority will assess your application and issue a decision. You cannot use glue traps until you have received written confirmation from the Licensing Authority that your application has been approved and you have a copy of your licence.


We can legally sell you glue boards without any documentation provided to us, but you do need to adhere to the rules that have come into place.


For further detailed information go to the BPCA website