All professional insecticides that carry a "Professional Use" label will eventually be more tightly controlled by the relevant authorities, such as the rodenticides did. At this time, we do not need to request any professional qualifications from you or certificates for you to purchase any products in the Professional Insecticides Section, however in ordering any product in that section you’re undertaking that you are either suitably qualified or will employ somebody suitably qualified and competent to apply them.

It is illegal to use a professional only product if you are not suitably trained however it is not currently illegal to be supplied a professional product, nor to buy them if you are going to use a suitably trained and competent person to apply them.

Please follow all instructions on the label to the letter for the mixing and dilution ratios and application instructions.  All the relevant information required is printed on the label.  Use all the relevant PPE such as gloves, overalls and masks where required and dispose of any spent material as per the label requirements.

                             "The law is the label; the label is the law"