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The Rotech® Rat Glue Traps are a highly effective solution for out of control rat infestations or where traditional baits or break back traps are failing. 

The glue traps use high-tack glue, thereby minimising the risk of escape once caught,.

These rat glue traps are supplied folded, which means any trap you don’t use will be kept clean and fresh should you need them again. 

The straightforward design makes rat control simple. Just place a glue board along a run or runs with high levels of rat activity, ensuring pets are unable to access them and check twice a day for rats. Once any rats are captured, dispose of them humanely before disposing of the glue traps or covering them appropriately.

  • Rotech Rat Sticky Traps are versatile glue boards for rats and mice.
  • For professional use only, they can be used in a number of different ways.
  • Developed with high tack glue to minimise the risk of escape.
  • The folded design allows for the sticky pads to stay clean and fresh for longer.


Dimensions: L327mm x W215mm x H3mm

Please ensure that they are checked at least once every 12 Hours to ensure no undue stress is bestowed on the animal. Please check the best codes of practise available from out information pages

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