Rotech® Drainguard Rat Drain Blocker

Size: 4" Stubby
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The Rotech® Rat Drain Blockers are effective, strong and robust as well as manufactured from the highest quality materials for long-lasting protection.

They are able to prevent rats from entering homes, workplaces and commercial buildings through drainage system by inhibiting any access via the sewer pipes.

Unlike some other drain protection products these are extremely durable and will last a long time within the pipe.   Some pipe may be a little tight but due to the durablity and quality of these units, they do not fail easily.  Some blockers bend of go out of shape when in teh pipe, not these!

There are 2 options to fit both the 4" and 6" pipes in most dainage systems and are easy and snug to fit.  For those inspection chambers (Manholes) that are a little deep to be able to reach easily, optional mounting poles are available  - 950mm fixed and a 1-2M extendable

There is also a stubby version for those drains that may have a bend near the entrance of the pipe that will not allow the full insertion of the longer blocker

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