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Did you know that rodents can chew wires, hoses, plastic panels, and other vehicle parts to make nesting materials, turning your essential vehicle into an expensive nightmare? Protect your property with RatMat – an easy to use rat and mouse repellent for cars.

RatMat is an innovative, humane, cost effective, rodent repellent. This easy-to-use solution protects cars, industrial machinery, stock and by repelling rats, mice and other rodents.

The RatMat tiles can be used as a long term solution to prevent rats and mice causing expensive damage to property such as cars, trucks, combine harvesters and other vehicles or property. Park your car, truck, combine harvester, or place other essential equipment on the RatMat, and using the principles of an electric fence, the RatMat will repel rats and mice and protect your expensive property from damage. Alternatively, RatMat can be used to restrict access to buildings by placing the tiles across entranceways or other access points. The RatMat is safe, scalable and transportable and doubles as a hardwearing floor surface. RatMat rodent repellent tiles are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

RatMat uses a low energy pulse to repel rodents and protect your property. This pulse is dramatically less powerful than a standard electric fence but strong enough to deter rodents. RatMat can be placed in your garage, factory, industrial unit or on your premises to repel rats, mice and other rodents away from your property.


How many tiles will I need?

Calculate the area that you need to cover. The tiles measure 30 × 30 × 1cm deep and are inter-connectable. The jigsaw edges overlap by 1.2 cm and the edge strips are 3.5 cm wide. They can be connected in any arrangement, simply calculate the number you need to cover a square or rectangle by measuring along each side (in metres). Divide these numbers by 0.3m to give the number of  tiles along each side then multiply them together to give the total number of tiles you need.  10 tiles covers just under a square metre. You can also arrange the tiles in an 'L' shape, 'H' shape or any other arrangement but remember that the tiles cannot be cut. To calculate the number of edge pieces you need add together the number of tiles along both edges and times by 2. The edging is 5cm deep

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