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Bait: Agro Block
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Our smallest rat kit consits of 2 Trojan boxes and a choice of Agro Force or Agro Block as your baiting method.

This kit will control 3-6 rats

Trojan Box x 2

Trojan Rat Bait Station Discreet and effective with key. Our great Trojan Box is small enough to be discreet but large enough to allow rodents in to feed on your preferred formulation of bait. It will also house break back traps if preferred. The Trojan is smart, Tamper resistant and has a secure locking system to prevent non-target species access but inside it allows for all formulations of bait and traps to pack a punch and control your rodent infestation. Like the Trojan horse, this does what it sets out to do! Trojan Rat Bait Box – Strong, Deadly


Block - Difenacoum x 3

Agro block packs contain 10 x 30g blocks that can deliver a lethal dose in very little time containing the active of Difenacoum . The blocks are formulated and produced with over 15 different cereals and attractants making them irresistible to all rodents thus making uptake quick and control usually within 5 days


Agro Force - Brodifacoum x 3

Agro Force contains the active Ingredient of Brodifacoum, a single feed rodenticide for the use in and around buildings. Stronger than any other bait on the Amateur Market, Brodifacoum is a very potent rodenticide with only a single feed necessary to allow the rodents to get their lethal dose. This allows the user to use less bait and bait points without the need to have to keep replenishing baits, thus reducing the risk of secondary poisoning and risk to the environment minimalised.

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