Rascal Non-Toxic Wax Block 5kg Tub

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Rotech® Rascal Non-Toxic Wax Block 5kg Tub. A non-toxic highly palatable wax block bait suitable for pre-baiting and monitoring. The wax block formulation offers exceptional durability in damp and humid conditions.

Directions For Use: 

Place blocks where there is a risk or suspicion of rodent activity, both inside and outside buildings of the infested area. Only place one or two blocks securely at each monitoring point. Place more monitoring points than you would place toxic baiting points to obatain a good activity profile of the rodents. Protect blocks from non-target animals and from water, preferably using tamper resistant bait stations. Fix the blocks in place using wire or a nail inside pieces of drainage pipe, under sections of slate, board or corrugated iron, securely weighted. 

Make frequent inspections of the bait points. Careful examination of chewed blocks can reveal whether they have been eaten by rats, mice or even insects. Prepare your rodent control program and site toxic baits such as Rascal Difenacoum Wax Block Bait according to the information gathered from the use of Rascal Non-Toxic Block Bait. Unused or damaged blocks may be disposed of as non-toxic waste. 

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