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The multi-cage feral pigeon trap is a highly effective bird control method in which pigeons push their way into the trap and become stuck. 

The cage trap produces the best results when you pre-bait an area with corn or dried bread for seven days before placing the trap. Then, once pigeons are familiar with the feeding spot, you can set the bait in the multi-catch cage trap with a trail leading inside.

Due to the trap live catching pigeons, you must check it daily.

  • A rigid multi-catch pigeon cage trap with two one way entrances. 
  • Complete with carrying handle and top hatch to remove trapped pigeons.
  • Once pigeons enter the trap door by pushing their way in, the door will shut, trapping them in the cage.
  • Due to the capabilities of the multi-cage pigeon trap, you'll only need one per 50 birds.

Dimensions: W470mm x H230mm x D770mm

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