Pelgar Super Strength Fly Spray - 5 Litre

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Insecticide for professional use against flying and crawling insects including flies, mosquitoes, moths, wasps, ants, cockroaches, earwigs, silverfish and other bristletails, fleas, bedbugs, beetles’ spiders, mites, ticks, and lice.

For use in domestic, commercial, and industrial premises (including kitchens), hospitals (excluding occupied wards), military establishments, food storage and preparation areas, in and around farm buildings, bulk milk rooms, dairies, milking parlours, animal rearing facilities, animal and avian housing, ant and wasp nests plus refuse disposal and waste storage areas.

Directions for use: The product is a ready-for-use and does not require further dilution.

Space treatment: Apply using a fan assisted rotary atomiser or mist blower with ULV attachment or by means of any ‘cold fogging’ appliance. Apply at a rate of 1ml per cubic metre of treatable volume. Spray into the air when using cold fogging or misting equipment and NOT directly at hard surfaces.

Surface treatment: For the treatment of porous and non-porous horizontal or vertical surfaces. Apply 1 litre of product as a coarse low pressure spray to 25 square metres of sprayable surface using a standard compression sprayer. Pay special attention to areas where flies and other nuisance insects rest and congregate. For long-term control of crawling pests use a specific residual agent. Product may craze plastic surfaces.

Active Ingredients: Permethrin 0.25% w/w, Tetramethrin 0.125% w/w, Piperonyl Butoxide 0.75%.


This product can only be used by people who are required to use pesticides as part of their work and who have received appropriate information, instruction and training.


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