Outcast Ant Bait Station

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An easy and ready-to-use bait station, pre-filled with a gel formulation for the control of ants indoors and outdoors around buildings. A highly palatable bait matrix inside an innovative bait station, allowing for safer handling and fresher bait.

The Outcast should be placed  where ants can be seen foraging or along their trail as ants follow tracker pheromones. The excellent design of the bait station makes it perfect for use in sensitive areas where non-target species are present.

Use 1-5 bait stations per 40m2 in locations where activity of ants has been noticed. Replace the bait stations, as necessary.

Please always follow the instructions on the label

Contains 0.05% indoxacarb

Authorisation Number: BPR: UK-2014-0135-0003

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