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Our mice snap traps are cost-effective, high-quality and are easy to set. When mice step on the trigger plate to feed on the bait you have placed, the trap will activate, instantly killing mice.You can use the trap indoors and outdoors as long as the trap is covered with a mouse bait station when outside to avoid non-target species being caught.

How to use the Mouse Snap Trap?

  1. First, place your desired bait onto the trap. We recommend using peanut butter or another sugary substance like chocolate.
  2. Pull back the spring bar and take care when locking it in place.
  3. Place the trap in an area where mice have been seen to be active. Typically, along a skirting board or under a kitchen cabinet.
  4. To disarm, press and hold down the spring bar and press the trigger plate back to its original place.
  5. Check the trap daily.

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