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Mobe Ant Station, containing Imidacloprid (0.01% w/w) offers long term control within its highly palatable bait matrix. Target control is achieved by elimination of the queen, workers and larvae. Its ready to use, discreet and durable design ensures easy placement in areas of high ant activity, making it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor use, including lawns.

Approved for Amateur and Professional Use

Target species: Tropical ants, Argentine ants, Lasius niger (black ant). Eggs; larvae; nymphs; pupae and adults.

Directions for use: Each station should be placed along/in the path of an established foraging trail at the recommended rate. Push tabs outwards to expose bait. To ensure that pets or other animals do not gain access, a heavy object such as a stone may be placed on top of the station. Once the infestation has been controlled and ants are no longer seen, the opened stations should be removed and disposed of in accordance with local guidelines.

Contains: Imidacloprid 0.01%, Excipients 100% cps, the product contains a bittering agent. Each bait station contains 1.4g of matrix.

Authorisation Number: GB-2016-1043-0003


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