Lignum Pro I62.5 Woodworm Treatment

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The Lignum Pro I62.5 Woodworm Treatment is a professional-grade concentrated product containing an insecticide known to eradicate and prevent wood-boring insects. 

Using micro-emulsion technology, this woodworm treatment produces particles of a nanometre size. This means that the active ingredients can then penetrate deeper into the affected areas allowing for a more effective result. 

The Lignum Pro I62.5 is proven to be effective against all life stages of wood-boring insects, which is vital to completely eradicate a woodworm problem and prevent their return.


Wood should be clean and free from wood, dust, and other contaminants, before application.



Apply the woodworm treatment using either a low-pressure spray or brush.



  • Preventative:  200ml/m² (1L per 5m²)
  • Curative:      300ml/m² (1L per 3.3m²)

1L of concentrate treats 82.5m² - 125m² of timber, depending on use.


The product should be touch-dry in approximately 1 hour, depending on the wood and ambient conditions. Unprotected persons and animals should be kept away from treated surfaces for 48 hours or until dry.


The product does not have a finish and leaves the same effect as applying water or solvent. It is always advisable to try on a small inconspicuous area before application to ensure the product finish is as expected.

Over Coating:

The product should be suitable for overcoating 24 hours after application depending on the wood and ambient conditions.


Rinse out spray equipment and save washings for use as diluents next time the product is used. Remove most of the product from brushes with tissue and wash the brush with soap and clean water.

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