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Ready to use live cage trap for rats that are simple to set and operate. Place near an area where rats have been seen and add a food source to entice rats to enter the cage trap. When rats enter and stand on the pressure plate, both doors will shut behind them, leaving them trapped within the cage.Humane cage traps are an alternative option when you can't use poison and traps for children and pets. Our high-quality rat cage trap is built with safety in mind, allowing you to pick up the trap without risk of being bitten by the live rat.
  • Cage traps for rats are a humane option to catch and control rats without killing or harming them.
  • Place bait inside the humane rat trap, set and check daily for rats being caught.
  • With an automatic lock setting, live traps for rats are ideal for trapping and capturing rats, mice and other large rodents.
  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoors in areas such as sheds, garages, gardens and homes.

Dimensions: (w) 150mm x (h) 150mm x (d) 490mm

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