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Winter - Keep Mice at Bay

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Agro-Alpha professional mouse bait can gain control of the mice within hours sometimes minutes of consumption The latest addition to our AGRO brand is the new Alphachloralose Mouse bait, and probably the most effective bait in the UK, and only available from our shop.

Alphachloralose mouse killer is the only non-anticoagulant bait in the UK and Europe, designed to kill mice almost instantly by creating a hypothermic reaction thus potentially giving total control in 1 day, unlike your average anticoagulant now of 7-10 days or more. Mice are very inquisitive and sporadic feeders which can make control a little tedious with standard anti-coagulants. The Active Capsulation Technology is a process by which the active ingredient of Alphachloralose is coated with a continuous film of polymeric material. This encapsulation ensures that that a mouse cannot taste or sense the active ingredient, unlike other baits, and will very quickly consume its lethal dose.

Mice consume the bait, and instead of feeling unwell (like typical anticoagulants), they are able to eat far more as the Alphachloralose is hidden by the capsulation with no taste or initial side effects. The outer protective shell, which remains in contact when eaten, dissolves and explodes the lethal dose into the rodent’s blood stream. Mice are simply immobilised, their body temperature lowers and they are put into a coma and die, No pain. They simply die in their sleep, humanely. In tests, this has been in as little as a few minutes, and are often found next to the baits! Because a lethal dose is administered quickly, the mouse cannot survive – even in warm temperatures

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