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Ridgid Fox Cage Trap is the most humane method to catch and control a fox in your urban or rural environment. When the fox enters the trap to eat the attractant you have placed, the trigger plate will be activated, closing the door behind them. Often, foxes use gardens, meaning you can catch non-target species such as cats and dogs. For this reason, a live cage trap is the best option for foxes as it will allow you to release any unwanted catches completely unharmed.

  • This live catch fox trap is the cage trap of choice by professionals for foxes and similar sized pests.
  • After setting, the door closes when the fox takes the bait, safely trapping it inside.
  • This heavy-duty fox trap provides good stability and strength when trapping and prevents the fox from escaping.

 Dimensions: L1540mm x H470mm x W470mm

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