Defender 8 Stainless Steel Bird Spike

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UV Stabilised polycarbonate base, temperature resistance with no loss of mechanical strength from -20oC to 130oC. Pins made from corrosion-resistant 304 grade stainless steel.

• 20 stainless steel pins per strip.
• Protects to a maximum of 150mm (6 inches).
• Pattern of 4 rows of pins fanning out at 4 different angles.
• 9 snap points along the base allow the strip to be snapped by hand into smaller sections without needing extra tools.
• Can be installed with glue, screws, nails or cable ties.
• Suitable for pigeons and similar sized birds.
• Each strip is 333mm in length. (3 lenghts per Metre)

Price is per metre (3 strips)

Birds are known to nest and perch on areas such as ledges, beams and shop signage, causing extensive damage. If this common issue impacts you, you need these stainless steel bird spikes. Supplied in packs of 10, 100 or by the meter, you'll be able to manage and get rid of the most challenging bird infestations.

Discounts for bulk purchase - Add required amouth to your cart and discount will be applied in checkout. 

1-49 Metres 0%

50-99 Metres 5%

100-300 Metres 12%

301 Metres + 19%

Installation Instructions
1) All surfaces need to be properly prepared prior to fixing to allow any grab adhesives to stick correctly.
2) Ensure all surfaces have been thoroughly cleaned and dry. Using a high quality cleaner from out cleaning department to remove all guano and dirt and a wire brush and paint scraper to remove any and all debris such as flaky paint ensuring all the correct PPE instructions are adhered to.
3) Once the area has completely dried you can then begin with installing the bird spikes.
5) We recommend using a high quality strong, silicone grab adhesive to fix the spikes to your prepared area. Each tube of grab adhesive should be sufficient for a run of 7m of spikes.
6) DO not allow more than 2.5” between rows or this will allow birds to land and runs the risk of spike being pulled off.
7) Any overhang’s such as the edge of roofs should have the tips of the spike system slightly overhanging to prevent birds from landing.
8) If installing onto guttering then gutter clips should be used. 2 clips per length of gutter (6 per metre)

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