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Polti Cimex Eradicator Plus is a Steam Disinfection Device (SDD) compliant with the AFNOR NF T72-110 standard - medical field able to eliminate bed bugs and eggs without the use of insecticides. The secret of Polti products is the natural power of our steam, this helps to eliminate microorganisms in seconds. Steam envelopes objects and disinfects them quickly without leaving streaks. The Cimex Eradicator can be used several times a day around people and animals, due to the fact is does not need insecticides to work.

Device for the disinfestation of bed bugs and disinfection against viruses, germs and bacteria
Patented Superheated Chamber technology for superheated dry saturated steam output at a temperature up to 180 ° C

Features & Benefits:

Disinfestation from bed bugs
The steam of Polti Cimex Eradicator Plus kills 100% of eggs and 90% of bed bugs already in the first pass *.

Tested disinfectant effectiveness
Polti Cimex Eradicator Plus is an effective solution to kill up to 99.999% ** of microorganisms.

For any kind of surfaces
The steam can be mixed with Polti HPMed to reduce the typical smell of these insects and help dissolve the sticky substance.

No waiting time
The steam of Polti Cimex Eradicator Plus evaporates quickly: it is not necessary to resort to further treatments to dry the surfaces.

Included Accessories:

Detergent that reduces bad smell
Polti HPMed is the detergent which, in combination with steam, breaks down the typical smell of bed bugs and helps dissolve the sticky substance that binds eggs to surfaces. Contents: 12 bottles of Polti HPMed, 1 extra empty bottle and 15 wicks.

Flow concentrator
The flow concentrator is the accessory to reach the most difficult points. Contents: 1 straight flow concentrator and 1 curved flow concentrator.

Protocol of use for disinfestation
Protocol of use to correctly operate a disinfestation from bed bugs.

Kalstop anti-limescale product (20 pcs)
Supplied with 20 vials of Kalstop, a special anti-limescale for products with a boiler. Of vegetable origin, it does not involve risks for human health and is easily biodegradable, therefore harmless for the environment. Used inside the boiler, it prevents the formation of limescale and improves the emission of steam, so the product maintains its efficiency for longer.

Protective gloves
Pair of gloves to avoid contact with bed bugs.

Dispenser cleaning brush
Brass brush for cleaning the steam nozzle.

Jug and funnel
Jug and funnel. To add water to the boiler.

Accessory bag
Practical bag to store the gun and all accessories.


The Cimex Eradicator Plus Bed Bug steamer is perfect for the disinfestation of bed bugs and disinfection against viruses, germs and bacteria.

  • The autorefill aluminum boiler with 3 L capacity and 5 bar max pressure guarantees unlimited working autonomy.
  • The steam of Polti Cimex Eradicator Plus can be used on all surfaces, on fabrics and in the most difficult corners.
  • Polti Cimex Eradicator Plus does not require the use of insecticides, the steam can be dispensed in the presence of people.
  • The steam of Polti Cimex Eradicator Plus is able to break down the bacterial, fungal and viral load present on the surfaces.

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