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Cimetrol Super EW is the next generation of product for the control of insect pests. Formulated as an oil-in-water emulsion containing a very high loading of active ingredient, it allows rapid access of the active ingredient to the insect while providing long-lasting and predictable residual control. Cimetrol Super EW contains a Type I pyrethroid for fast flushing and knockdown, a Type II pyrethroid for rapid kill of the insects, a metabolic synergist to bypass insect metabolic resistances, and an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR), demonstrating a completely different mode of action to ensure that any stubborn populations never get to pass their resistant properties onto the next generation.

Active Ingredients: Cypermethrin w/w 25%, Tetramethrin w/w 10%, Piperonyl Butoxide w/w 20%, Pyriproxyfen w/w 1%

Application: Compression sprayer


HSE No. 10269

Add a small quantity of water to a suitable compression sprayer and then add the product according to the table below. Add the remainder of the water carefully avoiding splashback, close the sprayer securely, shake to mix contents. Pressurise according to the sprayer manufacturer’s instructions. One litre of ready-for-use spray treats 20 square metres of surface. Make up spray as required. Do not store spray overnight

Target Pest  Product  Water  Comment 


Routine treatment:

Heavy infestation:



5 Litres

5 Litres

Maintenance or ‘spot’ treatment

Attack or ’clean-out’ treatment


Routine treatment:

25ml 5 Litres For the control of ‘resting insects’

Apply as a coarse low pressure spray. Some surfaces will absorb more spray, e.g. brickwork or concrete, whereas surfaces such as metal or plastic will allow spray to easily ‘run off’ significantly reducing the deposit rate of the active material on the surface. Several passes of a light spray each allowed to dry is more effective when treating non-porous surfaces.

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