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Chameleon® Qualis IP is your ultimate solution for effective pest control in challenging environments like dairies, abattoirs, and industrial kitchens, where flies and other flying insects are persistent nuisances.

This new device is made from stainless steel and certified as IP66. It has advanced Quantum X LED filament tubes for effective insect control.

The device emits UVA light from over 400 points per tube. This ensures sustainable and efficient performance.

The Qualis IP is durable and convenient, easy to service and maintain, with quick access to the LED-optimized glue board. With LED tube replacements required only once every 3 years, rest assured of its long-lasting performance. Also, it doesn't contain mercury, and its low power usage of only 13.5W helps reduce carbon emissions and plastic waste.

Get rid of flying bugs with the Chameleon® Qualis IP. It's eco-friendly and effective for tough environments. Trust Killgerm's expertise in pest control and invest in a solution that works for both your business and the environment.

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