Agro Frost Killer non-poison Wasp Freeze Spray

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Agro Freeze is a non toxic method of controling insects and their larva.  As its a quick burst of feeezing spray it takes seconds to control the offending insect.  Can be used on small nests by inserting into the nest and spraying.  Please note wasps will attack if threatened so protective clothing is advised.
  • 100% natural organic insect killing spray - controls instantly - no fuss - no mess- no problem
  • ✔ Bed Bugs ✔Cockroaches ✔Spiders ✔Wasps & Hornets ✔Woodlice, ants & Silverfish ✔Many, Many More
  • Agro Frost is not an insecticide; It’s a completely organic way of controlling insects extremely fast and without any poisons involved.
  • Works by simply freezing the intended target where is sits, quickly and humanely so it can be disposed of
  • Only availbale from UPC trading and exclusive to us

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