Agro Block Poison Bait - Large 30g Blocks

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Approved for both professional and amateur users for use within the UK.

Agro block packs contain 10 x 30g blocks that can deliver a lethal dose in very little time containing the active of Difenacoum . The blocks are formulated and produced with over 15 different cereals and attractants making them irresistible to all rodents thus making uptake quick and control usually within 5 days

Each block has a hole through the middle allowing the use of bait rods inside the bait station to secure the poison safely and securely so that they can be safely secured onto the baiting rod of any tamperproof bait station.  Ideal for use in sensitive areas and when housed in bait boxes, can be used in areas where children and pets may be present.

All our bait blocks contain denatonium benzoate, a high strength bittering agent to prevent human consumption.

Agro bait blocks have a nominal weight of 30g  allowing the rodent to take as much as they need to ensure lethal consumption.

Please note that it may be likely that more than one pack is required to control an infestation of rats if more than 1-2 rats

Maximum strength rodent bait blocks for the control of both rats and mice in and around buildings,

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