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The Victor Gel for Cockroaches is a ready-for-use gel bait insecticide for the control of cockroaches in a range of situations. Available in a pack of 4, these gel baits are an effective method for dealing with cockroach infestations.

Victor Gel contains 2.15% w/w imidacloprid as a microencapsulated formulation. This unique design allows time for the cockroaches to return to their harbourages before dying. When this happens, the rest of the cockroaches will eat the carcass and also consume the poison. 

Active ingredient: 2.15% Imidacloprid.

HSE No. 8757

Application rate:

0.1g to 0.3g of product per square metre. Apply Victor Cockroach Killer Gel as spots or thin ribbons in crevices and corners infested with cockroaches. Apply out of sight and away from intense light, cockroaches prefer dark, damp areas.

  • The Victor Cockroach Killer Gel is a ready-to-use insecticidal gel bait designed for the control of cockroaches.
  • Suitable for a wide range of environments including domestic properties, public buildings, ships and small-scale animal housing. 
  • Featuring a microencapsulated design for more effective cockroach control.

Active Ingredient : Imidacloprid 2.15%

Application: Bait Gun


This product can only be used by people who are required to use pesticides as part of their work and who have received appropriate information, instruction and training.

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