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Insecto Pro Formula Powder is a ready to use, dustable powder insecticide. The active ingredient, Deltamethrin, can kill insects quickly on contact.  It can be used on and around ants nests and other crawling insects, including cockroaches, spiders and bedbugs. It can be used by applying to cracks, crevices and any other places where insects might hide.

Insecto Pro Formula Powder can be applied directly by dusting, by means of a hand shaker, puffer pack, bellows or piston type gun.


Indoor application in void and cavity treatment:

Direct application by dusting. Apply in thin layers in voids and cavities (between partition walls, holes, etc.).

Indoor application in crack and crevices:

Apply 20g/m2 of product in thin layers in cracks and crevices where insects hide (under furniture, corners, etc.). The application can be performed 2 times per year with a minimum interval of 6 weeks between applications.

Ant nest treatment (outdoor):

Apply in thin layers on the area surrounding the nest entrances in the ground or injected into the nest entrances at a
maximum rate of 2 grams product per nest. The application can be performed once per nest up to a maximum of 5 nests around houses.

Dispense measure in talcum powder bottles:

  • 1 larger outlet 1g product every 2 seconds
  • 1 medium outlet 1g product every 6 seconds
  • 7 small outlets 0.5 g product for every shake

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