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It’s dust penetrating formulation breaks through to cracks andcrevices where mites harbour, controlling mites up to 48 hours faster than some alternative chemical controls. Birds do not need to be removed before application, but eggs should be removed and birds should not be sprayed directly.

Poultry red mite can cause various problems that lead to reduced growth rates of poultry and lower production levels of eggs by as much as 20%*. Poultry red mite can lead to lesions in meat, poor egg shell integrity and egg spotting.

Due to Harmonix® Poultry Red Mite’s physical mode of action, it offers fast control of mites and stops them in their tracks. This means birds are mite-free up to 48 hours faster than some alternative chemical controls. Harmonix® Poultry Red Mite is also exempt from biocides product registration and does not need certification for application or a vet prescription.


Harmonix® Poultry Red Mite can be applied in poultry houses and broilers with birds present giving ease of application and avoiding stress caused to birds by moving them. It contains an advanced food grade cellulose polymer and penetrates dusty layers typically found within hen houses. It spreads deep into cracks and crevices that harbour mites. In addition to broilers and laying facilities, transport and transport equipment used to transfer pullet birds should also be targeted, as these are hot spots for poultry red mite transfer. 

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Before Spraying Birds do not need to be removed. Ensure all eggs are collected before spraying Harmonix® Poultry Red Mite. To improve spray contact with mites where practical remove belt covers, shrouds and debris etc. to expose mite harbourage areas.
Rate of Use Harmonix® Poultry Red Mite is a concentrate and therefore needs to be diluted in the ratio of 1 litre Harmonix® Poultry Red Mite to 7.5 litres of clean water. 8.5 litres of dilute solution will treat approximately 200m2. 
Preparing the
Sprayer & Spray
Half fill the sprayer with water, after calculating the treated area, add the required amount of Harmonix® Poultry Red Mite and make up to the final volume with water. Close the sprayer and ensure contents are thoroughly mixed before use. Shake or re-agitate sprayer before use if spraying is interrupted.
Application Pressurise sprayer and apply spray as a coarse, low pressure spray directed over clusters of mites and crevices/dusty sections where parasites hide or live. Absorbent surfaces require higher rates. Harmonix® Poultry Red Mite should not be sprayed directly onto hens. Using a knapsack sprayer at low pressure apply approximately 75 cm away from the surface to be sprayed. The surface should appear wet just after application.
Notes It is recommended to re-apply Harmonix® Poultry Red Mite 7-10 days after the 1st application, or when parasites reappear.

Application guidelines

Apply the product as a surface spray using a suitable mechanical, electrical or motorized sprayer capable of producing a coarse spray quality. Direct the spray over clusters of poultry mites and crevices/ dusty sections where poultry mites are aggregating.

Harmonix® Poultry Red Mite Water Estimated treatment area
1 Litre 7.5 Litres 200 Square Metres

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