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The Eradisect Fly Bag Trap is a unique and safe product. Fly bags are low-cost, non-toxic, simple-to-use and chemical-free. Furthermore, you'll find they are effective for up to 12 weeks.

They use a non-toxic protein-based bait that lures 20,000 flies through a turret into a three-litre trap they can't escape.

Around 85% of the flies caught in the trap are female. So by controlling the female, you can bring the entire fly population in the area under control. 

Once caught, the flies cannot escape, and the flies cannot build immunity to the bait. Therefore, they are ideal for both home and commercial use. They should be situated a maximum of 15 metres away from your farm, home or business premises to draw the flies away and into the trap. 

  • The Eradisect Fly Trap Bag is a highly-effective trapping bag with a non-toxic lure.
  • Fill with water and hang near an area that has a fly infestation.
  • Once activated, the flytrap is capable of holding up to 20,000 flies.

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