Eradisect Cy-Pro Plus

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HSE 9991

Eradisect insecticide concentrate is for use in and around domestic properties, public and municipal areas, refuse tips, poultry houses, slaughterhouses, and manure heaps.

For application, remove the cap from the dosing chamber on the bottle. Squeeze the bottle to fill the dosing chamber and add to 5L of clean water and mix well.

ROUTINE RATE: Dilute 25ml in 5L of water and apply at a rate of 50ml per square metre.

SINGLE/INITIAL RATE: Dilute 50ml in 5L of water and apply at a rate of 50ml per square metre. Apply by spray.

  • Eradisect Cy-Pro Plus is a micro-emulsion insecticide concentrate.

  • Highly effective against the control of a wide range of flying and crawling insects.

  • Containing the active ingredient Cypermethrin 10% and Tetramethrin 0.9%.


Application: Compression sprayer.



This product can only be used by people who are required to use pesticides as part of their work and who have received appropriate information, instruction, and training.


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