Smite Organic Diatomaceous Earth Powder 1 Kilo

Smite Organic Diatomaceous Earth Powder 1 Kilo
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Smite Organic Diatomaceous Earth Powder 1 Kilo

Diatomaceous Earth can be used for the control both crawling and any flying insects that come into contact with the powder such as  Ants, Carpet Moth, Fleas, Bedbugs, Cockroaches, Stored Products Insects, Mites (including Red Mite), Spiders, Book Lice, Silverfish, and other flying and crawling insects.

Smite Powder can also be directly applied to pets

Smite Powder is an organic, naturally-mined, mineral product made up of fossilized remains of diatoms, a type of hard-shelled algae. Smite Powder contains no pesticides or chemicals and kills insect pests by breaking down the waxy exoskeleton and then absorbing lipids and body fluids, which causes them to dry out and die. It is safe to use in higher risk areas (such as where animals or children are present) and ingestion of the product by animals and birds during natural foraging has digestive benefits. Smite Powder is also safe for earthworms and has no detrimental effect on the natural ecosystem.

Smite Organic is a naturally occurring, odourless, tasteless, fine, organic mineral powder which can be used on the animals, in housing and in foodstuffs.

  • Organic, Safe and Natural
  • Diatomaceous Earth.
  • Safe for use in Food Areas.
  • Contains no toxic chemicals or pesticides.
  • Kills by ‘physical means’ so insects cannot become resistant to it – it kills every time.
  • Once applied it will continue to work for ever (unless physically removed by washing or cleaning away) .

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