Black Pearl Mouse Alphachloralose Bait

Formulation: Paste
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Rodenticide for indoor use against mice

4% Alphachloralose

Black Pearl Paste Bait is formulated from a blend of premium grade cereals, mulched and mixed together to give superior performance in the paste or from wholegrain wheat in the grain.  Active ingredient: 4.00% w/w Alphachloralose.

Black Pearl uses patented active capsulation technology, a process by which the active ingredient molecule is surrounded or coated with a continuous film of polymeric material. This ensures that a mouse cannot taste or sense it, and will very quickly consume the bait. Mice are immobilised mice almost instantly and the bait has a narcotic effect, slowing down the metabolism of the rodent resulting in control by hypothermia.

  • New microencapsulated Alphachloralose bait
  • Formulation works in all temperature extremes
  • Fast acting mouse bait
  • Only non-anticoagulant bait available ? no known resistance

UK Authorisation Number Grain: UK-2015-0869

UK Authorisation Number Paste: UK-2015-0870

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