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The wildlife conscious rat box Amicus.

The AF Amicus rat bait station has been specifically designed to allow onkly rats into the box and reducing the risk of non target secies gaining access. 

Mice are too small to be able to gain access as well as slugs and snails are less likely to gain access redusing bait damage. This allows the use of rodenticides for longer without the possible damage thats experienced with traditional boxes that snails and slugs can get into as well as debris such as leaves and dirt.

Rats a naturally attrached to the tubes to and will climb safely inside and feed on your choosen bait formulation reduscing the wildluife risks. Traps can also be used in these boxes

These are fixed to a secure point such as a wall or shed etc or an optional stand is available where this is not possible such as in the garden. The stand is made from 25mm galvanised steel with a welded base section which is pre-drilled. The stand comes supplied with bolt fixings and pre-drilled holes to ensure that the Amicus is set at the correct height from the ground. 3 x 20cm pegs are supplied with the stand for use on soft ground such as turfed areas"

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