Ants are not dangerous, but they are a nuisance especially once they have invaded your home in search of a food source and have decided to scurry around all your kitchen surfaces. They can come in their hundreds and will take up residence in wall cavities, under the floors and can be a terrible issue.  However, using the correct treatment methods these insects can be successfully controlled.

Ant Traps and baits

Ant traps are one method to contain a very small infestation but will not contain a larger problem and may have little effect in general in some cases. Bait stations are effective as the scouting ants will feed on the bait and then take this back to the nest to feed the ants in the nest including the Queen, this results in no more eggs being laid so will naturally die out.

Placing the bait as close to the nest as possibly will be the most effective method but this is not always possible to place baits in the trail the ants are using to encourage uptake.

Ant Killer Sprays

Sprays to contain ants come in a variety of products from a fast knockdown spray to a residual spray that leaves a barrier for a period of time to allow new ants that cross this barrier to perish.  This will kill all the ants that cross the poison into your home.  Using a combination of both coupled with ant baits will ensure the colony perishes quickly and permanently.

Ant Killer Powders

Powders form a barrier around the area treated and will kill ants that come into contact with the powder.  Powders are effective if sprinkled onto the nest area killing the colony. Powders can also be used in cracks and crevices allowing treatment of all areas around the home. Some powders have an insecticide as thier active ingredient, whereas others are a more natural product without insecticides, this is preferential if you’re concerned about pets coming into contact with the powders or if you prefer the greener approach.

Ant Kits

Sometimes knowing which products are best suited for your pest issue can be daunting at best, here at remove pests we have used our extensive knowledge and expertise to create what we feel are best suited for the use in the treatment of an ant infestation. The kits contain all that is needed to eradicate your ant issue with little or no pest control knowledge.