Insecto Ant killing powder

Insecto Ant killing powder
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Insecto Ant killing powder

Insecto Ant Killing Powder

Insecto Ant Killing Powder is a powder insecticide for amateur use for the effective control of ants including pharoah’s ants. Will also kill cockroaches, fleas, silverfish, Bed Bugs, wasps and hornets in and around domestic, commercial and industrial premises. This product contains the active ingredient Permethrin 0.50% w/w.

  • Ready to use puffer pack.
  • Child resistant closure.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Use.
  • Ready & Easy To Use.


  1. Dust powder liberally on and around the infected area.The powder should be dusted into crevices, cracks and along the run of the ants.
  2. If ants are invading the premises, treat the points of access such window frames, holes,  air bricks etc.
  3. If the nest can be  located, open it up and then dust well with the ant killing powder  and then push into the nest. If your unable to open up the nest dust the entrance liberally.


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