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Garden Pests
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Bayer Multirose 2
Multirose2 by Bayer Garden is a ready to use (RTU) combined insecticide plus fungicide for use on..
Ex Tax: £3.96
Bayer Organic Bug Free
A contact insecticide for the use on a wide variety of flowers, shrubs listed vegetables and frui..
Ex Tax: £2.71
Bayer Slug Bait
Bayer Slug Bait Bayer slug bait is certified for organic growing and can safely be used aroun..
Ex Tax: £3.75
Doff Slug Defence Gel
Doff Slug Defence Gel Here we have an doff's excellent and completely safe organic slug a..
Ex Tax: £3.42
Green Fly & Blackfly Killer
Doff Green fly & Blackfly Killer Doff Garden's Green Fly & Blackfly Kilelr contai..
Ex Tax: £3.16
Organ X toxic free insect powder
The power of nature has been harnessed in this bottle so that pests can be effectively controlled..
Ex Tax: £5.83
Provado Ultimate Bug Killer RTU
Product details The Provado Ultimate Bug Kille..
Ex Tax: £3.33
Slug & Snail Killer Ferric Phosphate
Solabiol Slug & Snail killer kills a wide range of slugs and snails to help keep your gardens..
Ex Tax: £3.99
Slug & Snail Repellent
Slug & Snail Repellent A spray repellent containing yucca extract for use in domestic pre..
Ex Tax: £5.49
Solabiol Boltac Greasebands
Boltac Greasebands are an ideal solution to protect your trees from insect pests wintor moth and ..
Ex Tax: £4.99
Solabiol Bug Free
Solabiol Bug free is a brand new exciting product which controls many insect pests that attack pr..
Ex Tax: £5.83
Solabiol Rose Bug Killer
Solabiol Rose Bug Killer control pest insects such as whitefly, Greenfly, Blackfly, Scale Insects..
Ex Tax: £5.83
Super Slug Destroyer
  Insecto Super Slug Destroyer 350g   INSECTO Super Slug Destroyers blu..
Ex Tax: £3.33
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