Wasps are benefical to the envionment as they eat insects like blak fly and aphids and a small amount of dead meat, but if disturbed can be extremely aggressive and will attack in numbers.  As their stings are smooth rather than barbed like a bee, they can continually sting its victim injecting them with a venom which is very sore.

The queen will come out of overwintering around early spring and will construct a small nest about the size of a golf ball which  she will lay around half a dozen egss. she will feed these until they hatch into female drones who will then take over the duties of nest builing and feeding the new larva. The larva wil produce a liquid as waste which the wasps feeed on! The queen is simply there to produce eggs! The nest will continually grow throughout the summer and by the end of it can house more than 15-20 thousand wasps.

This process will continue throughout the summer until late summer around September/October time when the queen will lay some new queens and males who will hatch, mate and then the males will die out, the queens will go off to find a safe place to overwinter.

Its this time the female drones have no purpose left and will begin to look for food like sweet liquids, sugary foods and the like.  They can become a real pain at this time.

Our wasp control products will help combat these pests but precuations should be taken to preven stings.

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