Spiders actually pose no threat to Humans and raely bite unless absoulety necessary.  There are no spiders in the UK which are fatal to man, in fact there are only 3 species in the whole world that could possibly be a cuase for concern if bitten by one.  

That said when they are running around your home, many a person will run in the opposite direction!

We offer a variety of of products from smoke bombs to sprays to help elimante these from you living space.

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Agro Frost Freeze Insect Spray
100% Organic Insect Killing Frost Spray. Effective against all insect pests including bed bug..
Ex Tax: £7.49
Insecto Super Bug Destroyer
  This insecticide is for amateur use againstspide..
Ex Tax: £3.33
OA2KI Organic non-toxic bug killer
Oa2ki is a pesticide free and ready to use spray. Kills ants, fleas, bed bugs, crawling insects (..
Ex Tax: £5.83
Spider Killing Spray 1L
AGRO C 1L Advanced Insect Killer New and exclusive, an excellent insecticide formulation ..
Ex Tax: £4.99
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