Bird Control

Bird Control

Birds can be beautiful and graceful creatures and lots gain pleasure in watching them but some can be destructive and aggressive.  There Guano is both dangerous and destructive and can be almost impossible to clean from your walls.

All birds in the UK are protected by the country and wildlife act which prohibits the killing, injuring, taking or selling of any wild bird or their eggs or nests. Prevention is key with bird control, but this can only be carried out once any chicks have fledged and the nest is empty

With over a decade of expereince of bird proofing and installs, Remove Pests can offer expert help and advice and provide you with a wide range of products to deter and keep birds away from you home and businesses. 

There are nets, spikes, post and wire, daddi long legs adn scaring tactics.   Depending on the degree of infestation and bird species will depend on the best proofing solution

Remove Pests specialise in the supply of DIY pest control products. Pest Control Products from the UK's largest pest control supplier, including a wide range of Pest Repellents and Killers, poisons to combat rats, mice, fleas, bedbugs, flies, moth and many other pests.
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