Agro Frost Freeze Insect Spray

Agro Frost Freeze Insect Spray
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Agro Frost Freeze Insect Spray

100% Organic Insect Killing Frost Spray.

Effective against all insect pests including bed bugs, spiders, cockroaches’ silverfish, in fact all insects in all stages of their lifecycle!

Agro Frost is not an insecticide; It’s a completely organic way of controlling insects extremely fast and without any poisons involved.  Exclusive to us, Agro Frost is the perfect way to combat your nuisance insects and of course spiders, without toxins, thus helping to protect the environment

Agro Frost works by simply freezing the intended target where is sits, quickly and humanely so it can be disposed of. The sudden bust of sub-zero temperatures, causing the water in their cells to freeze and in turn, killing the insect immediately. No fuss, no problem, no insects


Agro Frost can be used both indoors and outdoors. Spray the burst of frost spray directly at the insect at approximately 25cm away for 2-3 seconds until the target is paralysed or a frost appears. Do not spray too close as lighter smaller insect will be blown away and survive. Dispose of the insect and treatment is complete!  

Agro Frost is effective against all insects and arachnids

✔ Bed Bugs



✔Wasps & Hornets

✔Woodlice, ants & Silverfish

✔Many, Many More


This is not to be used on flying insects, only when they are stationary or slow moving. Can be used in cracks and crevices, on bed frames or anywhere you suspect the insects to be hiding.  For furnishings such leather and materials as well as carpets, test in an inconspicuous area first to ensure no damage occurs.

NOT to be used on electrical equipment at any time. Treat with respect as with any aerosol can, do not heat or puncture, Keep away from sparks and other ignition sources. Do not smoke or spray on naked flames. Never spray at Humans or pets as ice burns may occur. Keep away from children and always follow the label.  Dispose of in a safe manner


Please note, although this is highly effective at killing insects, the spray does need to come into contact with that insect to control it.  Large infestations of insects, such as a flea infestation, may need a chemical treatment to bring it under control.

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