Good Nature A24 Rat Trap

Good Nature A24 Rat Trap
Good Nature A24 Rat Trap Good Nature A24 Rat Trap
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Good Nature A24 Rat Trap

Self resetting CO2 Rodent trap


The A24 Automatic Rat & Mouse trap combines superb design engineering principles and behavioral science with the highest manufacturing standards to deliver a trap that will kill up to 24 times per CO2 canister.

Automatically self-resetting After the mouse or rat enters the trap, a trigger causes a striker to instantly dispatch the mouse or rat. The mouse or rat will then fall out of the trap, and the trap automatically resets ready for the next kill. The trap will kill 24 pests before requiring a CO2 cartridge change. This trap is certified Class A NAWAC humane, killing rodents instantly and cleanly unlike glue boards and snap traps Toxin-free, long life lure The lure that draws the rat or mouse into the trap is non-toxic. No need to worry about poisoning pets, children, wildlife or livestock. The lure lasts 6 months, only requires checking once a month. Easy to install two screws mount the A24 to any surface.  Designed to operate in remote areas of the unforgiving New Zealand wilderness, its waterproof and operates in any climate.

Once installed, you are also assist your local wildlife as keeping rodents down allows your favourite animals like hedgehogs to thrive as less competition for food and will birds native birds to thrive such as starlings, thrush and house sparrow.


  • Automatically resets after each kill
  • Patented self-resetting technology
  • Toxin Free - No risk to children, pets, wildlife or livestock
  • Certified Humane - Mice and Rats are killed instantly
  • Works on Rats AND Mice -- Indoors and Outdoors
  • with or without counter so that user can see how many triggers there have been for accurate changing of CO2 Canisters
Keep out of children's reach and follow instructions to ensure non target species do not have access.

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