Agro Force Rodent Bait

Agro Force Rodent Bait
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Agro Force Rodent Bait

Agro Force - Control of Rats & Mice


150g of poison bait

Agro Force contains the active Ingredient of Brodifacoum, a single feed rodenticide for the use in and around buildings. Stronger than any other bait on the Amateur Market

Brodifacoum is a very potent rodenticide with only a single feed necessary to allow the rodents to get their lethal dose. This allows the user to use less bait and bait points without the need to have to keep replenishing baits, thus reducing the risk of secondary poisoning and risk to the environment minimalised.

Due to the new laws imposed, regular baits are half the normal strength making control of rodents takes longer and more baits used, Agro paste helps reduce this problem with proven efficacy in the most difficult of environments. Brodifacoum is very effective and fast becoming the preferred bait for PCO’s.  

Non-target species and children NEED to be protected at all times by concealing baits in a bait stations.  Use where droppings and runs are found, near feeding places and burrows.  Check at least once a week and replenish where necessary.  Follow the label guidelines for quantities and placement and always clear away unspent baits as per label instructions.

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