Ro guard rat blocker

Ro guard rat blocker
Ro guard rat blocker Ro guard rat blocker
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Ro guard rat blocker

Stainless Steel double serrated flap drain proofing blocker

These stainless steel rat flaps have 2 flaps both of which are serrated so it stops the rat problem before it starts by keeping rats from getting in!

These are mad from acid resistant stainless steel and incorporate a rubber seal on the outside to ensure a snug fit. A mounting pole is available should your sewer be out of arms reach and an extension pole is also available should it be really deep!  

The Rotech NG is the next generation of drain protectors preventing rodents from entering properties via the sewers. Made from acid-resistant stainless steel with a rubber seal on the outside it ensures that the Rat blocker fits snugly in the sewer pipe. Available in 4" and 6" diameters


These rat blockers stop the rats before they enter your workplace or home and prevent them from ever becoming a problem. You need never check a rat trap or handle poisonous pesticides ever again nor have to put up with that awful smell when they die in inaccessible areas of your property. Since the Rat flap prevents rats from infiltrating your home or office building; you can eliminate rat traps and chemicals from your homes, counters, corners, hallways, and store-rooms. The Rat blocker frees you from the constant and time-consuming vigilance and clean-up that complicated rat traps and messy rodenticides require. Once installed, your Rat blocker is virtually maintenance-free; it works on its own to stop rats from entering your home or commercial building - whether it be a restaurant, hospital, or apartment or office complex - so you are free to devote yourself to what is truly important to you, your business, and your family. You'll feel safe and confident with the rat blocker in place. It's a safe 100% environmentally-friendly device. The Rat blocker fits snugly into your drain pipe and locks securely into place. Its flaps open when fluids need to flow freely into the sewer, but until then, the flaps remain closed and prohibit anything from entering. Quite simply - fluid flows out, but rats can't get in

An optional mounting pole is available should it be a little deep to install and an extension pole should it be a really deep manhole!  Once tried, used or tested this product is non-returnable. Once inserted into the pipe its then classed as a sanitary item and therefore cannot be returned. Please ensure it's the correct size, the benching will allow fitment before putting into the pipe. On some occasions benching will have to be "chipped" away to allow fitment then made good.

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