Non return valve flap rat stopper

Non return valve flap rat stopper
Non return valve flap rat stopper Non return valve flap rat stopper
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Non return valve flap rat stopper

Non Return Rat Flap Valve


  • Use to prevent rats accessing
  • Prevents back flow
  • Easy to fit
  • Domestic and commercial

In a majority if rat home invasions, drains can be pinpointed as the most likely access points. There are 3 ways into your homes, the roof, the walls and underground.

In nearly all cases the roof can be ruled out unless it’s damaged or the rats have easy access to it.

The rat can easily walk into your home through an open door or even be brought home as a gift from the cat, damaged air bricks and holes left from pipework etc can give access to the rats, but unless there are active rats running around outside this isn’t always the way in.


The last way in is underground. Your drains are an easy way in and rats DO MOST CERTAINLY live in the sewers, despite your local water company who may tell you otherwise.

Rats love the sewers as it only changes 1 degree in temperature all year no matter what the weather is like outside, there is a plentiful water supply and also due to the increasing way we dispose of food down the drains with things like food waste disposal units and the like there is food. In winter the sewers rise which means rats have to head for high ground and will infiltrate your lofts and walls to raise their young in safety.

Your drains do fail in places at times especially older clay and pitch fibre drains and we have had lots of incidents where plastic drains have failed where the rubber seal has rotted and failed. As rats are experts in gnawing through substrates like concrete and escaping out the pipes into your walls they easily spot the compromise in the pipe, chew a hole if necessary and climb out. As farfetched this may sound its extremely common and probably the most likely way in.

This simple rat barrier non return valve is a simple 10 minute job to push into the drain, requiring no specialist tools of experience to securely stop rats getting in. A unique and effective way to protect your home. A simple and cost effective solution is a non-return valve, simply pushes into place and prevents rats from entering your home. The Rat barrier was initially designed to combat flooding in the UK but due to the high increase in rats gaining access via drains it’s a highly effective control measure against these rodents. As well as the benefits of rodent prevention it can also stop noxious and unpleasant smells and prevent backflow and flooding in the sewers. Can also be locked off when not in use or works are being carried out.

We recommend a small amount of silicone sealant to ensure the product says securely fixed for years to come.

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