Non Return Drain Flap

Non Return Drain Flap
Non Return Drain Flap Non Return Drain Flap Non Return Drain Flap Non Return Drain Flap Non Return Drain Flap Non Return Drain Flap Non Return Drain Flap
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Non Return Drain Flap

WAR on Rodents

Designed and manufactered in the UK offering protection from floods, pests and fumes.

This intuitive new and unique product has it all, even good looks!  It's a great way to prevent rodents etc from gaining access to your property and invading your home causing extensive damage. Its unique design and shape allows it to fit both plastic and clay 110mm/4” pipes both straight and bent inspection pipes, the valve can open on a 45 degree bend due to its unique flap design. This flap design also means it doesn’t catch on the chamber walls – which could restrict its movement and operation, Perfect.

This valve has many purposes apart from rodent control proofing


  •  Pest Control

 Rats 100% live in the sewers around the UK, FACT

The sewers have a plentiful source of food due to what us humans throw down it, plenty of water and a steady temperature all year round with about a 1ºC variance.  Unfortunately when the weather changes the sewers rise due to the rainfall so they need to escape the rising tides. This is normally when they find a way into your home. 

This WAR valve prevents the rats from gaining access up your drain pipes thus preventing a rodent outbreak. It has a stainless steel built in plate in the flap to prevent gnawing by rats.

  •  Flood Defense

This is suitable for domestic homes through to commercial business alike, especially those built on flood plains. . A unique funnel shaped body design also means the flow of water is increased when passing through the unit, thereby reducing blockages and preventing the backflow of effluent into properties during flooding

  •  Drainage Surveys and maintenance

The valve has a lockable flap allowing pipes to be closed off during service and maintenance. This will prevent effluent form draining into the chamber inadvertently when operatives are working. Once service complete simply unlock!

The valve is completely re-usable when used for maintenance purposes. It can be inserted while work is carried out then removed and used again once work is completed.Alternatively plumbers and the like can keep one in the van as it can be inserted when working in chamber and removed when finished and re-used on the next job!

  • Hospitality and catering

This valve can also prevent noxious and unpleasant smells from finding their way back up the pipes and into the property. Couple this with the pest control proofing this makes it an invaluable and ideal solution for the catering and hospitality sectors.

  • Pest control proofing at its best, stops frogs, rodents, snakes etc.
  • Prevent backflow of effluent to properties during flooding
  • Stops noxious fumes from entering properties
  • Built in stainless steel plate in flap
  • Valve can open on a 45º bend and completely lockable.
  • Unique flap design also allows the flap to open so it doesn’t catch on the chamber walls
  • Unique funnel shaped body design means the flow of water is increased when passing through the unit; reducing blockages
  • Fits both Clay and Plastic 110mm or 4″ pipes.
  • 25 Year Guarantee

Please note this item is non-returnable as classed as a sanitary item for obvious reason!

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