Brooding is an important time when chicks are at the start of their lives and begining to explore and show an interest in their surroundings.   Providing the correct temperatures is paramount at this important stage of their lives.

Plan ahead to ensure you have everything before the chicks arrive. Ensure its nice and clean and dry and covered with wood shavings and drinkers/feeders are in situ.

Ensure you have a brooder from the wide variety on offer to suit the enviornment and your budget. Ensure the correct bulbs are installed. Ruby bulbs are better suited to poultry as less intense light reducing stress levels plus they do not destroy the vitamin B in the same way white light tends to.

Ceramic bulbs offer heat but no light, making these perfect for small birds especially when used in conjunction with other light sources to be able to provide 24 hour heat.

Flooring is important and wood shavings as an excellent low cost option. Its important to never use sawdust as a sunsitute as the dust will stick to the droppings.

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