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Arc Electric Fly Killer
The Arc 4000, unlike many other budget priced entry level machines, uses a 4000 volt high voltage..
Ex Tax: £22.49
Earthcare Odour Remover Bag
A non-toxic and biodegradable way to remove unwanted smells and odours, especially from unwanted ..
Ex Tax: £10.83
First Response Bed Bug Overnight Monitor
First Response Bed Bug Monitor Traps Bed Bugs strike fear and disgust into many people and it..
Ex Tax: £12.49
Flea insect Control killing kit 1 Room
Initial treatment to start the process going and kill adults and nymphs Cleaning of pet beddi..
Ex Tax: £8.08
Insecto Super Bug Destroyer, DIY bed bug & insect killer treatment
  This insecticide is for amateur use against bed ..
Ex Tax: £3.33
Insecto Super Bug Destroyer, DIY flea & insect killer treatment
  This insecticide is for amateur use against flea..
Ex Tax: £3.33
Lockable BORA bait stations x 6
BORA bait stations x 6 The B.O.R.A bait station is the bigger sister to our B.E.T.A sta..
Ex Tax: £30.83
Nippon Ant & Crawling Insect Killer RTU
This water-based treatment for ants and other crawling insects is supplied in a handy, ready-to-u..
Ex Tax: £7.50
Nippon Ant Control System
Nippon's  Ant Control System is both easy and effective to use. Made up of two reusable ..
Ex Tax: £5.41
Nippon Wasp Control System
Nippon Wasp Control System Wasp trap and specially formulated, sugary wasp attractant ..
Ex Tax: £7.19
Odour Counteractant Pots PX17
PROFESSIONAL GRADE odour control pots are moulded blocks of a special absorbent polymer with mill..
Ex Tax: £3.49
Pest Stop live capture humane trip trap mouse trap
The pest stop Live-capture mouse trip trap is a safe humane and friendly way to deal with mice. T..
Ex Tax: £2.29
Pest Stop Multi Catch humane live mouse trap
This excellent  multicatch trap is designed to capture and hold up to 4 mice at the same..
Ex Tax: £3.33
rat cage trap & small animals 14" wire
A robust, easy to set cage and highly effective. Spring loaded front entrance is triggered when t..
Ex Tax: £8.33
Solabiol Boltac Greasebands
Boltac Greasebands are an ideal solution to protect your trees from insect pests wintor moth and ..
Ex Tax: £4.99
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