Slugs are  hardy fierce eaters and are capable of stripping plants of their foilage very quickly, destroying your flowers and vegtables extremely quickly.

They will wreck havoc in your garden and greenhouse all year round. Slugs are shell-less garden molluscs that demolish leaves, roots, tubers, bulbs and buds, leaving a slimy residue behind.  There are a number of Slug species that attack the garden, but unlike snails, they feed throughout the year.

Slugs feed at night and hide during daylight hours under leaves, pots and sheds - any dark area.

Possible Infestation Period: All year

Allotment goers and avid gardners will use a variety of barriers and products to keep these pests away and most are safe around children and pets.

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Bayer Slug Bait
Bayer Slug Bait Bayer slug bait is certified for organic growing and can safely be used aroun..
Ex Tax: £3.75
Doff Slug Defence Gel
Doff Slug Defence Gel Here we have an doff's excellent and completely safe organic slug a..
Ex Tax: £3.42
Organ X toxic free insect powder
The power of nature has been harnessed in this bottle so that pests can be effectively controlled..
Ex Tax: £5.83
Slug & Snail Killer Ferric Phosphate
Solabiol Slug & Snail killer kills a wide range of slugs and snails to help keep your gardens..
Ex Tax: £3.99
Slug & Snail Repellent
Slug & Snail Repellent A spray repellent containing yucca extract for use in domestic pre..
Ex Tax: £5.49
Super Slug Destroyer
  Insecto Super Slug Destroyer 350g   INSECTO Super Slug Destroyers blu..
Ex Tax: £3.33
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