Flying Insects

Flying Insects
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PlusLamp - 6 watt, 9" Product Code: TVX6-9 - Recommended effective life: 8000 hours ..
Ex Tax: £3.33
PlusLamp - 6 watt, 9", Shatterproof Product Code: TVX6-9S - Recommended effective li..
Ex Tax: £5.00
PlusLamp - 8 watt, 12" Product Code: TVX8-12 - Recommended effective life: 8000 hour..
Ex Tax: £2.40
PlusLamp - 8 watt, 12", Shatterproof Product Code: TVX8-12S - Recommended effective ..
Ex Tax: £4.99
Universal Large Card Glueboard  GB012
Universal Large Card Glueboard Product Code: GB012 Glupac® glueboards are designed to..
Ex Tax: £16.66
Wasp Trap Bag from Pest Stop
Wasp Trap Bag From Pest Stop   Wasp Trap Bags are an outdoor product and ideal for u..
Ex Tax: £4.16
Whitefly hanging traps 7
this is a simple yet effective way to control greenfly, whitefly, thrips, blackfly and other ..
Ex Tax: £6.13
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