Glueboard elctric fly killer

Glueboard elctric fly killer

Glue board EFK's are the preffered method of fly control in sensitive areas to prevent fly remains from contaminating areas that need to be protected, kitchens and above public eating tables etc.

Powerful adhesives are impregnated onto a board which sits behind the UV light and catches the flies holidng them until they die, no risk of fly remains contaminating areas that need ot be protected.

Simply replace the board when necessary and dispose.

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Edge 30W stainless Steel
Edge®, 30 watt, Stainless Product Code: ZF105 This amazing unit was developed to be t..
Ex Tax: £168.33
Flypod® Decrotive glueboard EFK
Decorative Flykillers - Flypod® Flypod ®, 18 watt The Flypod® incorporates se..
Ex Tax: £44.16
Genus Eclipse Front Of House EFK
Stylish and discreet front of house fly control   2 x 15 W lamps for maximum ins..
Ex Tax: £116.66
Genus® Cobra Electric Fly Killer
Using patented Translucent Technology™, The Genus® Cobra produces faster flying insect ..
Ex Tax: £124.99
Halo Aqua 45W EFK
Halo Aqua 45W EFK The Halo 45W Aqua model EFK is suitable for use in harsh environments that ..
Ex Tax: £229.17
Halo Electric Fly Killer Glueboard
Glueboard Flykillers - Halo - Second Generation   With a contemporary, discreet aest..
Ex Tax: £100.00
Halo Shades Electric Fly Killer Glueboard
Glueboard Flykillers - Halo Shades- Second Generation   With a contemporary, discree..
Ex Tax: £133.33
Insect-a-Clear Flyshield Solo
The Fly-Shield Solo's has been specifically designed for discreet, stylish yet effec..
Ex Tax: £37.49
Insect-O-Cutor IND35
Designed for commercial, factory and warehouse situations, this unit has shatterproof tubes as st..
Ex Tax: £99.99
Luralite Centro insect-o-cutor fly killer
Luralite 18Watt EFK This sleek front of house EFK was developed to be discreet and compact to..
Ex Tax: £51.66
Pest West Chameleon EXG industrial Fly Killer
This custom-designed unit has been exclusively engineered to allow protection in areas where gas ..
Ex Tax: £1,041.66
Sunburst®  EFK
Designed specifically for front-of-house areas where fly control should be discreet and hidden fr..
Ex Tax: £49.99
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