Chameleon® EXG Sticky Boards

Chameleon® EXG Sticky Boards
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Chameleon® EXG Sticky Boards

Laminated board construction to eliminate warping and facilitate servicing

  • Insect retention and UVA resistance are optimised with a unique hot melt adhesive coating
  • Easy to install with a fast release silicon paper that does not affect the glue coating
  • Treated card prevents moisture penetration and ensures conformal glue coating for improved insect retention
  • Used as part of an IPM programme this comprehensive range includes grey monitoring boards with tabulated grid pattern to facilitate insect counting and identification
  • Solvent free glue and use of recycled cardboard reduces environmental impact
  • Size optimised to fit a wide range of fly trap models reducing stock requirements
  • Long shelf life to minimise stocking issues

The effectiveness of the PestWest professional and specialist sticky trap units is greatly increased as a result of two main features:

  • PestWest glue boards offer some of the largest catch surface areas in the market place, enabling a greater catch per board
  • The glue boards in PestWest machines are positioned so that they sit closer to the UV tube than other models, providing a more rapid catch

This is possible thanks to the introduction of the Reflectobakt® sleeve (patented). This sleeve shields the full-sized glue board from the drying effect of the UV light, thus making the units more effective for longer periods of time.

It also allows us to strategically place the boards within the unit, thus making them:
  • Ultra-slim in design
  • More attractive to both the insects and customers
  • Positioned in such a way to maximise the catch of flies.

Reflectobakt® sleeves are featured in the Chameleon® range of sticky traps, except the Uplight model.


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